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Tracia (V.E.)


The editors of ROAD Editions are especially proud of this map of Thrace, one of the largest an best designed maps of ROAD Editions. The new, updated and improved edition of this map (just released)is the first and only map to present:

*Thrace, both the greek part and the tourkish part, in one single sheet of paper! The entire main and provincial road network of this large area, with scenic routes clearly marked. All the sections of the Egnatia Highwaythat have been released to traffic, with a special symbol indicating the sections of this road still under construction.

*A very rich network of forest roads, many of which appear on a map for the first time.

*The beaches, castles, monasteries, archaeological sites, many country churches, gas stations and tire repair shops, national road intersections and much more.

The map of Thrace also includes the maps of two greek islands, Thassos and Samothraki, and the now turkish island of Imvros.

The map also includes four large city maps: Komotini, Alexandroupolis Xanthi and Instabul.  

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