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205 - Kos / Cos / Coo



The ROAD map of Kos continues to be the only precision map of the island of Hippocrates.

Its background was provided by the Hellenic Military Geographic Service, with contour lines at 100m intervals. As is the case with all ROAD maps, we have added colour to the contour lines, in brown tones, that darken as the altitude rises, thereby clearly illustrating the mountains and hills in "relief." Between them, the flumes and dry torrents are marked with a dashed blue line, providing you with a full image of the island.

Of course, all beaches and country churches are marked with their names, the archaeological sites, the island’s airport, a rich road network that includes many secondary, difficult to negotiate unsurfaced roads (which, however, pass through beautiful landscapes or lead you to deserted beaches).

Concise information is provided on the history of Cos in the form of short texts, as well as information about local products, the beaches and the island's places of interest. There is an helpful map of the city of Kos on the front of the map, which contains much useful information.

On the back of the map there is a list of the accommodations available on the island, the travel bureaus, local bus schedules, and a diagram of the Cos Asclepeion archaeological site. 

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