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Mont-Blanc Granite a rock climbing guide volume 3

Charpoua – Talèfre – Leschaux

This third volume in the the MONT-BLANC GRANITE collection describes the best rock climbs in the glacial basins on the right bank of the Mer de Glace: Charpoua – Talèfre – Leschaux. 
Although this part of the Mont Blanc Range is best known for its long mountaineering routes, it also offers rock climbers an enormous range of high quality granite climbs. 
Quality, quantity, variety,...
Elegant lines, huge walls and mostly excellent rock are just some of the reasons why these «high-altitude crags» are becoming increasingly popular : Flammes de Pierre, Drus Traverse and South Face, Clerics Ridge, Moine, Nonne & Évêque, Cardinal & Mummery, Pointes de Pierre Joseph, Aiguille de Leschaux, Petites Jorasses. 
Each basin is served by a strategically located hut, each with its own character but all perfect base camps from which to sample the area’s delights.

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