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Dolomiti. Dalla macro al paesaggio

Dolomites. From macro-Photography to Landscape

- La contemplazione attraverso cui Paola Finali descrive “Un bocciolo di tarassaco pronto ad aprirsi al mondo”, oppure la “Geometria di una ragnatela nel sottobosco” sono il presupposto di un vera azione e l’azione, viceversa, presuppone una contemplazione autentica." - Teddy Soppelsa.
- Un libro contemplativo verso il luogo dove sempre trovo rifugio, pace e benessere - Paola Finali

I spend a lot of time immersed in nature and especially in the mountains; feelings are intensified and purified there, with astonishment i see and touch the never ending re- sources of the spaces all around me. I have an intimate connection with the mountains and i adore experiencing it in its different forms, walking, climbing or tiring myself out on a long ascent. I love losing myself in nature with my camera trying to represent its power and splen- dour; whether it is a majestic alpine landscape or a small detail in the undergrowth, when i photograph nature time stands still as i look beyond the surface which is nor- mally observed by others. Trying to enhance the perfection and details of nature goes hand in hand with experien- cing its perfumes, temperatures, silences and tactile sensations as i press the shutter. It is constant research and astonishment. This book has no other pretension than to be a simple homage to nature and the moun- tains; a book of contemplation on the place where i always find refuge, peace and wellbeing.



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