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355 - Zacinto


This is the first accurate and reliable map issued to Zakynthos.

This is the first tourist map of Zakynthos created using GIS technology (Geographical Information Systems),, the geodetic reference system WGS 84. Edition is a topographic high accuracy and impressive completeness, the detailed 1:50,000 scale which allows to reflect a unique wealth of information with clarity and definition. Dozens of roads, unfamiliar deserted beaches, even major attractions like the Byzantine monastery of Panagia Skopiotissas, first appeared on a map of the island!

Created 100% field survey with GPS attach registration accuracy of less than one meter.

Includes a large and very detailed map city designed from scratch, with all new walkways, squares, traffic directions, hotels, local attractions and a host of useful practical information.

It is printed on plastic material Polyart, ie is completely waterproof (you can leave it in the water as you want!) And not torn! You can fold and unfold it a thousand times, to fold in a way different from the original creases, will not indestructible.

For the first time captured all the beaches of Zakynthos! The mapping was done by specially equipped cartographic vessel TERRAIN, and specially trained crews. So you can see on the map at the beach, even the tiniest cove, with all the special features: they are sandy or pebbled, whether it features natural tree shade, if beach bar, organized water sports, umbrellas and sunbeds, and whether the seabed in front is rocky or sandy (to know who will anchor).

Captures the boundaries of Natura 2000, to know which part of the island is of outstanding natural beauty and enjoy during your trip, but also to pay particular attention to the protection. A special insert box, imprinted the National Marine Park of Zakynthos is one of the most important nesting sites of sea turtle Caretta caretta Captures the area occupied by the mines of Milos and Kimolos.

In color back side of the map there is a brief but complete travel guide with information about the myths and history of the island geography and natural environment, modern society and economy of the island's major attractions and useful numbers on the island.

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