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The Val di Merse by Bicycle
Ediciclo Editore | Cicloturismo | Enrico Caracciolo | Andrea Rossi | Jacopo Ruotolo | Portogruaro | 10/2009 | pages 120 | 11,5 x 20

The Val di Merse by Bicycle

Itineraries in the province of Siena

The Val di Merse, a land of great environmental and historical appeal, is located southwest of Siena. Even if it is a charming and original corner of Tuscany, where the open air cathedral San Galgano stretches skywards, dotted with spectacular Etruscan and Medieval sites, it is not yet known to mass tourism. 
This make it the ideal place for bicycle tourists who love to feel the breath of the earth. Our guidebook illustrates nine circular routes (including the magnificent city of Siena) and a Grand Tour that touches upon every township in the area. 
The routes are suitable to more experienced bicycle tourists as well as to families with children who would like to enjoy the Val di Merse as a peaceful, unhurried pace. Thorough cartography, useful addresses, advice for a safe holiday, information regarding history and facts of the area: a book that is fundamental to learning more about the intimate and mysterious Tuscany. An enchanted landscape that can be easily travelled by bicycle.


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