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Camerun & Gabon
ITMB | Carte stradali | Vancouver | 2009 | 10 x 25 | Camerun 1:1.500.000 - Gabon 1:950.000

Camerun & Gabon

1:1.500.000 + 1:950.000

This double sided map show Cameroon on one side and Gabon on the other. 
ITMB Publishing specialise in areas that are interesting, exotic and off the beaten track. The publisher recognised some years ago that there was a lack of maps for various areas of the world and has an ambitious publishing program. The format and style vary due to the fact that many of the maps are produced in the country of origin but all are published for the English speaking traveller. This means that in addition to the wealth of detail - many of the maps are strong on the physical features of the various countries - there is usually informative text included with the map, dealing with the history, culture, etc. The maps are light, practical and should be invaluable for the backpacker, traveller or tourist. This map includes a place name index and town maps of Yaounde and Douala.
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