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Padasjoki Kuhmoinen Sysmä

Water Touring Map

Karttakeskus’ Water touring maps are a completely new type of map series. The pre-folded maps made of waterproof and rip-proof material can fit into a small space on the boat, but when opened, they cover a wide area. In this way, the water touring map is e.g. an excellent planning tool alongside electronic navigation solutions, offering a wide overview for e.g. route planning. On the other hand, the waterproof material makes the map easy to handle in e.g. an open boat or sailing boat.

 Water touring maps:

In land areas, the maps have been supplemented with the National Land Survey of Finland’s Topographic Database material.
New map sheet division.
Size 70 × 100 cm, folded 23.3 × 11.3 cm.
Additional themes incl. slipways and camp fire sites and landfalls.
Scale in maritime areas 1:60 000, inland waterways 1:50 000
Base map source: Finnish Transport Agency. Not for navigation use. Does not meet the requirements of an official nautical chart.

In addition to the basic versions, the water touring maps can be manufactured to order with themes, e.g. for marine clubs and retailers. Inquiries:

The water touring maps are also available as flat wall map versions and framed versions, as well as double enlargements

Karttakeskus’ water touring map series will expand in the spring of 2017 to cover approximately 20 maritime and inland waterway areas’ maps.

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