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HKF.WK.07 Oberengadin, Bernina


33 specially selected hiking trails in the Upper Engadin valley of Switzerland presented at 1:50,000 on a waterproof and tear-resistant, contoured and GPS compatible map from the Hallwag/Kümmerly + Frey group, with route profiles, grading for the severity of the terrain and the degree of fitness required, etc. Coverage includes St. Moritz, Pontresina, Poschiavo, Majola, Piz Bernina and the Bernina Pass, etc. 

The cartography provides an excellent picture of the terrain through contours at 25-metre intervals enhanced by shading, graphic relief for exposed rock, and colouring for glaciers and woodlands. All local footpaths are on the maps, but the overprint specifically highlights 33 trails selected by the publishers in collaboration with Geo-tracks. The colouring of each trail indicates the degree of fitness needed, from “no physical shape required” to “extremely high level of physical fitness necessary”. The trails start near a railway station or a bus stop (the colouring of the road network indicates routes with public transport and locations of individual bus stops). The maps have the lines of the Swiss national grid at 1-km intervals. On the reverse each trail has a route profile, its grading according to severity of the terrain and the degree of fitness required to attempt it, details of length and approximate timing, the change in altitude on assent and descent, plus a brief description. Map legend includes English; all the text on the reverse is in German. Each title also includes a code for a free download onto a smartphone.

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