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USA 5 California Nevada


California and Nevada at 1:1,000,000 in a series of indexed touring road maps of USA from Hallwag, with each title conveniently covering a large region and providing enlargements of most visited areas, city maps and other useful tourist information. Enlargements cover the upper part of the San Francisco Bay, the Los Angeles conurbation, Riverside – San Bernardino, San Jose, San Diego, Las Vegas and the Sacramento area. A booklet attached to the map cover also contains street plans of central San Francisco and The Strip area of Las Vegas, plus maps of five national parks: Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings, Redwood and Crater Lake. 

The map is part of Hallwag’s series covering USA at 1:1,000,000. The series has been revised from its earlier version and now uses cartography from Hema which provides an excellent combination of information about the terrain, the road network and places of interest. The base map has effective but unobtrusive relief shading with plenty of names of mountain ranges, peaks (heights in feet), deserts, etc. Colouring prominently highlights national or state parks, forests and other protected areas, as well as Indian Reservations and military zones. 

Road network clearly shows road numbers, indicates free and toll highways with locations of services, and gives driving distances on interstate and primary routes. The maps also show Amtrak railway lines with stations, local airports, state borders and time zone boundaries. An extensive range of symbols indicate various places of tourist interest. Each map is indexed and for GPS navigation has latitude and longitude lines drawn at 30’ intervals. 

Each title also includes enlargements of most visited areas – please see individual descriptions for more information – and useful tourist information such as metric conversion tables, traffic signs, phone numbers/websites for many organizations including recommended accommodations, etc. 

Map legends and all the text include English.

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