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Indonesia Papua, Maluku


Con carte dettagliate di:
Ambon / Haruku / Saparua 1:500.000
Banda Islands 1:250.000
Ternate / Tidore 1:380.000

The easternmost part of Indonesia at 1:1,500,000 from Nelles, with separate panels presenting various groups of islands plus Western Papua (Irian Jaya). Enlargements at more detailed scales show the more frequently visited islands of this remote part of Indonesia.

On one side is the whole of the Western Papua province and the adjoining island groups, including Aru, Kai and Tayandu. On the reverse separate panels show at 1:1,500,000:

The Maluku (Moluccas, Moluccan) Islands from north-eastern Sulawesi to the western tip of Papua, including Sula Islands, Halmahera (Jailolo), Bacan Islands, Obi, Buru, Seram (Ceram), Waigeo, Raja Islands and Misool. Enlargements cover in greater detail: Ternate and Tidore Islands at 1:380,000, plus Ambon with Haruku and Saparua at 1:500,000.
The Western Daya Islands, including the eastern part of East Timor, Wetar, Leti Islands, Sermata Islands, Babar Islands and Damar Islands.
The Arafura Sea groups of islands : Tanimbar, Tayandu, Kai and Aru.
Banda Islands (Nutmeg Islands) are shown separately at 1:250,000.
Relief shading with spot heights and names of peaks presents each island’s topography. The map shows the road network, plus local airports and ferry connections. National parks or protected areas and numerous places of interest are prominently highlighted. Latitude and longitude are indicated by margin ticks at 1° intervals (30’ on the enlargements). The map has no index of localities or islands. Map legend includes English.


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