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Our soft-laminated map of Brazil in the 6th edition includes: Brazil 1:4 000 000, Fernando de Noronha Island 1:4 000 000, Brazil Amazon 1:8 000 000, Brasíiia 1:60 000, Manaus 1:15 000, Rio de Janeiro Center 1:15 000, Rio de Janeiro 1:175 000, Sao Paulo 1:20 000, Fortaleza 1:15 000, Natal 1:22 000, Recife 1:15 000, Salvador 1:14 000, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre each 1: 15 000, Brazil administrative & time zones; interesting statistics: conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures; climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity; hotels, museums, markets and much more.
The Federative Republic of Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, the largest and most populous country and largest economy in South America and the seventh largest economy in the world. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the remaining border is formed by all the other South American countries except for Chile and Ecuador. Because Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese in 1500 it is the only South American country in which the official languag is Portoguese. Although it has a very large population (193 million) with urban centres concentrated primarily along the coast, there are vast uninhabited areas in the interior of the country. Both the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn traverse Brazil. Due to the climate ranging from tropical to sub-tropical, the flora and fauna here are lush, colourful and plentiful. Natural resources are found in abundance. Besides the magnificent natural attractions the country has to offer "The Carnival de Brazil" and the endless beaches of Rio de Janeiro attract tourists the year round.


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