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Canoeing Map

In the sea area of Helsinki is thousands of canoeists and small boaters. Porkkala and Porvoo waters are popular excursion destinations. This map is perfect for those who will get to know this area. This map includes comprehensive topographical data from land areas, as well as information about outdoor recreation areas and their facilities. For the purpose of actual navigation in the area you must use the official nautical charts!

This map is based on the NLS topographical material. Map includes also depth contours, fairway and flat lines, beacons, lights and cairns of the Finnish Transport Agency. On the map are marke,d for boaters and hikers, useful services on the shores and islands. Accompanied by beaches, marinas, cooking shelters and campfire sites. In addition, on the map can be found kayak rental places and canoe clubs bases.

In the map margin are listed the outdoor recreation areas and islands, and described their management and services. Outdoor recreation areas are also marked on the map.

The map covers the coastal region from Porkkala to Pellinki. Map is printed on water-resistant material, which is well suited for use on the boat or even a kayak deck.

- Two sides of the printed map 
- Water-resistant plastic material 

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