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Vuokatti and nat.parks of Kainuu

Outdoor map

The new outdoor map Vuokatti and Kainuu National Parks covers the most popular hiking areas of the province. In addition to the area of Vuokatti, the double-sided map sheet also includes the maps of three national parks (Hiidenportti, Tiilikkajärvi and Rokua) as well as the hiking area of Oulujärvi, which is part of Manamansalo, all in the same scale of 1:25 000.

Vuokatti is known not only for its sports institute and ski resort, but also for its amazing fell and lake landscapes, its ski track network and hiking routes. The marked hiking routes vary from a few kilometres to the UKK route, where Finland’s oldest hiking event takes place in the autumn in the Vuokatti region, Vuokatti Hike. The well-maintained ski tracks in Vuokatti offer tens of kilometres of options even in more challenging terrains.

Hiidenportti Gorge and the surrounding national park in the heart of Sotkamo’s wilderness area is an impressive sight. In addition to the rocky gorge valley and the amazing nature, the region also offers a lot to see for those interested in cultural history. In addition to the national park area, the map also consists of the Kuhmo Teerisuo-Lososuo area together with its hiking routes and Nurmes’ Peurajärvi recreational area.

Lake Tiilikkajärvi at the border of Northern Savo and Kainuu has been a border location for a long time: the lake still has a border stone as a memorial of the Treaty of Täyssinä in 1595. Nature is at its best at the national park, on the sandy beaches, eskers, hares-tail cottongrass covered marshlands and in the buzz of the forests, which was established in the area a lot later.

There are easily accessible hiking routes throughout the extensive esker area’s pine forests in Rokua, and there is a brilliant ski track network in the area during the winter.  The lichen-covered dunes and the small kettle-hole ponds provide evidence of the Ice Age power that moulded the surface of the earth. Rokua, together with Oulujärvi, are part of the international Geopark Park Network.

Manamansalo Island is a central area of the hiking area of Oulujärvi, and it is easily accessible by car as well. The sandy beaches of Manamansalo and the cliffs of Oulujärvi attract people to hike and sunbathe.

In addition to terrain details, hiking routes, ski tracks and snowmobile tracks, hiking structures, dining and accommodation services as well as attractions have been marked on the outdoor map.  The information content represents the situation of spring 2015. The map has three coordinate grids: ETRS-TM35FIN, EUREF-FIN geographical degrees and YKJ.

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