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Sevettijärvi Nuorgam

Outdoor map

The outdoor map Sevettijärvi Nuorgam covers the eastern side of the top of Finland, which mainly belongs to the Kaldoaiv wilderness area. There are three long hiking routes in the area: Sevettijärvi-Pulmanki, the Path of Saame and the Path of Inari. There are also routes suitable for daytime hikes in the surroundings of Sevettijärvi, Nuorgam and Utsjoki villages, and River Näätämöjoki is an extremely popular fishing site. During the winter, several snowmobile tracks run through the wilderness area. A significant new addition to the map is Utsjoki's over one hundred-kilometre-long mountain biking route network.

In addition to terrain details, e.g. huts, routes and other hiking services, as well as dining and accommodation services, have been marked on the map. A new addition to the map is the fact that ten attractions or experiences in the area have been marked and they have been described in a few sentences at the edge of the map. This aims to offer the area’s best experiences to map users, who are less familiar with the area. At the edge of the map, you can also find all the hut coordinates in the area as well as information about the declinations.

The Sevettijärvi Nuorgam map is slightly differently coloured compared to most other outdoor maps: the treeless tops of fells have been marked in white and forests in green, as most of the area is treeless. The appearance of marshlands is also different: wooded marshlands have a base colour of yellow and open marshlands are white.

The map has three coordinate grids (metric ETRS-TM35FIN, EUREF-FIN geographical degrees and metric YKJ). The scale of the map is 1:100 000 (1cm on the map = 1 km of terrain), and it is printed on one side.

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