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Bolzano, Caldaro, Strada del vino, Val d'Ega, Egna, Cavalese


Bolzano - Caldaro - The Wine Route area of the Dolomites at 1:35,000 in a series of waterproof and tear-resistant, GPS compatible and contoured recreational maps from Kümmerly + Frey with both local and long-distance hiking and cycling trails, ski routes, sites for other outdoor pursuits, accommodation, bus stops, etc. The map is double-sided and has prominent colouring/graphics to show the wine and fruit or hops growing areas along the valley of the Adige/Etsch and on the surrounding slopes. An inset provides a small road map of the surrounding region. 

Maps in this series are printed on sturdy waterproof and tear-resistant plastic. Most titles are double-sided to provide a good balance between a detailed scale and coverage of a wide area. Cartography presents a very detailed picture of the topography with contours at 40m intervals, enhanced by shading and graphic relief, plus colouring to show different types of terrain and vegetation. Boundaries of national parks and other protected areas are clearly marked. For walkers the maps show both local and long-distance trails, as well as special thematic or nature routes. Where appropriate, names of the routes are shown, e.g. Sentiero Italia, Via Alpina, the Dolomites high routes, etc. The maps also highlight local and long-distance cycle routes, plus selected of mountain bike trails, ski routes and horse riding paths. 

A wide range of symbols indicate areas for other recreational pursuits (climbing, paragliding, Nordic walking, rafting, etc), various types accommodation (hotels/inns, mountain huts, campsites, youth hostels, etc), diverse places of interest including natural sites, sport facilities, bike hire/repair, etc. Road network indicates bus stops, restricted entry and toll roads, parking, etc. Railway lines are shown with stations. Also marked are local airports and, where appropriate, ferry connections on the lakes. The maps have a 1-km UTM grid. Map legend includes English.

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