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France's Best Trips

2nd Edition

France's Best TripsLonely Planet Travel guide 2017-03-01 Jean-Bernard Carillet, Alexis Averbuck, Anita Isalska, Regis St Louis, Oliver Berry, Hugh McNaughtan, Daniel Robinson, Kerry Christiani, Nicola Williams, Catherine Le Nevez, Gregor Clark Mar 2017 2nd Edition Mar 2017
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Discover the freedom of the open road with France’s Best Trips. We’ve selected 38 amazing road trips through France, from two-day escapes to 10 day adventures, and packed them full of expert advice and inspirational suggestions. Whether you want to follow the course of the WWII invasion on Normandy's beaches or taste your way around the cellars of Champagne, we’ve got the trip for you.

Inside Lonely Planet France’s Best Trips:

Covers: Paris, Normandy, Brittany, Breton Coast, Lyon, Nice, Cannes, St-Tropez, Chamonix, Marseille, Biarritz, St-Malo, Loire Valley, Auvergne, Provence, Alps, Lille and more

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