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Garibaldi Provincial Park


Garibaldi Provincial Park at 1:50,000 in a series of topographic survey maps of selected areas of British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies from ITMB with cartography from Canada’s national survey organization. Most sheets are printed on light, waterproof and tear- resistant plastic paper.

Whilst the Canadian Department of Natural Resources (previously Canada Map Office) decides whether to provide updated pre-printed editions of its survey mapping or switch to print-on-demand only, in 2007 it began co-operating with ITMB on this new series of maps with cartography of the Canadian topographic survey and additional tourist and recreational information provided by ITMB. The maps are double-sided, with either two 1:50,000 maps combined in one title, or a 1:250,000 map supplemented by more detailed coverage at 1:50,000. 

*In this title:* Garibaldi Provincial Park with contours at 100 feet intervals, UTM grid and margin ticks for latitude and longitude. Overprint highlights include: Lillooet River paddling route; Vancouver-Blaine Garibaldi highway; railway line and stations; 5 different types of ski/chairlifts; walking and cycling trails, as well as various areas and facilities for horse riding, skiing, canoeing and climbing. Also indicated are accommodation facilities, shelters, RV sites and campsites, and wilderness camps. The map is printed on light, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper.

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