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Prespa - Vitsi - Voras (6.2)

The two maps, Prespa - Mt Varnous - Mt Vitsi, on one side and Mt Voras, on the other, include border areas of Western Mac¬edonia that were until recently off the beaten track. Nowadays these areas have become popular tourism destinations that offer literally everything, from rec¬reation activities and nature attractions to adventure sports, including skiing (there are 3 ski resorts in the area), air sports, offroad touring, motocross, cycling, hiking (the European trails E4 and E6 cross the map area), mountain running, spas, even swimming(!) at the beaches of Vegoritis and Megali Prespa lakes and naturally birdwatching. Tourism infrastructure is well developed and there are even high standard resorts such as Nymphaio and Palaios Agios Athanasios villages.

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