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Trekking in the Himalaya

20 memorable expeditions

Inspirational guidebook to 20 treks along the 2400km Himalayan chain. Including classics such as the treks to Everest and K2 base camps and the Annapurna Circuit. Also epic glacier treks, ultra-long expedition treks and sacred treks. This is a book to inspire and excite, guaranteed to entice any with an adventurous spirit and love of wild places.
The Himalaya have always fed the dreams and called to those who love wild places. Stretching from Pakistan through Northern India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, this book includes 20 descriptions of the best, and most spectacular treks in the range. From glaciers to jungle, snow-swept passes to plunging valleys, remote plateaus to bustling base camps, the Himalaya offer an unparalleled wealth of landscapes and trekking opportunities.
This inspirational guide was edited by trekking specialist Kev Reynolds, and written by a team of eight experienced authors, writers and guides. A compilation of the best walking in the Himalaya, it looks at each trek in turn, and discovers what makes the trek special, and entices with vivid accounts and breathtaking photography.
The Treks
K2 and Concordia
Snow Lake
Nanga Parbat
Zanskar Dream Trek (Ladakh)
Nanda Devi (Garhwal and Kumaon)
Kanchenjunga: Singalila Ridge and Goecha La (West Bengal and Sikkim)
Mount Kailash Kora
Everest: Kangshung Face
Inner Dolpo: Shey Gompa and the Crystal Mountain
Lower Dolpo: from Juphal to Jumla
Dhaulagiri Circuit
Annapurna Circuit
Annapurna Sanctuary
Manaslu Circuit
Langtang and Helambu
Everest Base Camp
Makalu Base Camp
Kangchenjunga: North and South Base Camps
Lunana Snowman Trek
Gangkar Punsum Base Camp
• Activities
Himalayan trekking.
• Seasons
Trekking in the Himalaya is governed by the monsoon; the majority of treks can be tackled in the spring or autumn, while those north of the Himalaya may be enjoyed during summer.
• Centres
Treks in this book are based in Pakistan, India (Ladakh, Zanskar, Garwhal, West Bengal and Sikkim), Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, and begin from a variety of different towns and villages.
• Difficulty
All routes included in the book are graded (Gentle, Moderate, Demanding or Expedition). A few moderate treks would suit first-time trekkers; most demand a high level of fitness; three are expedition treks where some mountaineering skills or special equipment are required.
• Must See
Trekking to or around many of the world's highest mountains: Mount Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Nanga Parbat, Nanda Devi, Gangkar Punsum, Mount Kailash and journeys to remote places such as Zanskar, the Biafo and Hispar Glaciers and Dolpo.
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