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Trekking in Slovenia

The Slovene high level route

The first English-language guidebook to trekking the Slovene High Level Route across Slovenia. From Maribor to Ankaran the route covers 500km through the forested plateau of Pohorje, the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the alpine pastures of the Karavanke, and the limestone karst country. A series of 3 to 6 day treks of all levels of difficulty.

walking, backpacking, trekking, via ferrata
routes clear of snow and weather stable from mid-June to the end of September; high mountain huts only open from July to September; many facilities closed from October to May and snow possible
stage starts and finishes: Maribor, Slovenj Gradec, Solcava, Zgornje Jezersko, Tržic, Mojstrana, Vršic, Trenta, Petrovo brdo, Idrija, Col, Matavun, Ankaran
series of 3 to 6 day treks of all levels of difficulty; each day graded from 1 (mostly on tracks or lanes, not steep or technical) to 3 (long and strenuous, often with fixed protection, self-belaying equipment and helmet recommended)

Must See
highest peak Triglav (2864m); vast forested plateau of Pohorje; sheer limestone peaks of the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps; traditional alpine pastures and flower-strewn ridges of the Karavanke; forested hills and olive groves of the limestone karst country.

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