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216 - Skyros / Skiro / Sciro


At last, a reliable and accurate map of Skyros island is available to the demanding traveler! Although Skyros(located in the central Aegean Sea, 22 nautical miles east of Evia Prefecture) is not a popular touristic destination, ROAD Editions published this map to contribute to the touristic development of this beautiful greek island. This Skyros island map (first edition: July 2005) incorporates the new specifications of ROAD Editions' Greek Islands Map Series: the backside of the map is a mini travel guide in full color, with many images and all the nessesary information on the touristic sights and the individual character of this island. It also includes a complete list of the hotels and rooms to let in the island, many usefull telephone numbers, and a note on the island's history. The map of Skyros presents the complete road network of the island, against a geophysical background of high accuracy (Map Datum ED50)with contour intervals of 20 meters. In cooperation with the local mountaineering club, all major footpaths are clearly marked on the map. With clear symbols, bright colors and easy to read lettersets, you can see all the touristic sights of the island, castles, archaeological sites, beaches, country churches, fountains, gorges, and many more. Skyros island map is available without hard cover, well protected in a rigid plastic folder. This allows the user to fold the map in a pattern other than the preselected, or fold it in a much smaller final size to fit in a pocket etc.

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